Ralf Bosman has helped thousands of coaches create visibility strategies and marketing plans behind growing super-profitable businesses for balanced and prosperous lives. He has taken his marketing agency experience and used it to lead coaches towards their goals through his 5X Growth Program™

Ralf’s mission is to help coaches to show up authentically, owning their expertise and not shrinking down from their big dreams. His focus on inner-work, confidence, captivation, and clarity has set his work apart from other marketers and strategists, who focus on tactics and algorithms over the relationships. 

His approach is simple, impactful and driven by creating results in record time. Ralf and his team have been blessed to work with tons of people from all over the world and helped them create better businesses and abundant lives.

He – by own experience and by knowledge – will do anything in his power to let you be the coach you need to be, making sure every aspect of your life gets better. Ralf’s approach is all about results, business strategies, and personal growth, but most of all it’s about you.

Ralf will give you unconditional and unquestionable support and straight, honest feedback. He takes you out of your comfort zone and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He expects a high commitment and a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality of his students.

He will show you what you don’t see yet, leaving you empowered, hopeful and ready for action!

Too many coaches hit an income ceiling and never make the kind of money or impact they could.

They get stuck in “Survival”, “Stability” or even “Success” mode … treading water and frustrated at their unfulfilled potential. That’s when they call Ralf.

Since 2012, Ralf has been the go-to teacher for coaches who want more appointments, more clients and more bums on seats. Ralf works with business and executive coaches who understand that “The 5X COACH” is a viable option and not a pipe dream. 

His signature systems are built around scaling systems for attracting prospects, converting them to clients and delivering them en-masse. He’s on a mission to eliminate cold-calling, ambulance-chasing and high-pressure selling from the coaching industry … and replace it with education-based relationship marketing.

A coach that can scale 5 times! A coach that refuses to settle for anything less than to work from what he likes to do, to work from his heart, his passion. But at the same time to be able to think big, create a sustainable and scalable business and above all The 5X COACH makes a bigger impact and legacy as it’s a contribution to the world.

By learning Ralf's core fundamentals of The 5X COACH, coaches can create all the wealth they want, and it’s giving them a ton of freedom to explore and grow as an entrepreneur, a coach, and a person. 

Learn the Main Problems Coaches are Facing and how The 5X COACH Fixes these. 

Keynote Speaking / Q&A / Fireside Chats / Interviews / Workshops / Podcasts / Summits / Digital Training

A private group packed full of resources, pieces of training, and tools to create a 5X Growth within your Coaching Business.
" The Secret of Creating a Scalable Coaching Biz is not about Working Harder"
This is why I created the 5X COACH - A coach that can scale 5 times!

A coach that refuses to settle for anything less than to work from what they like to do, to work from their heart, their passion.

But at the same time to be able to think big, and create a sustainable and scalable business…

...and above all the 5X COACH makes a bigger impact and legacy as a contribution to the world.

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